About Us

NARDEAL.COM Creative and renovate Marketplace  
Nardeals.com is a fully managed eCommerce Marketplace website in Jordan. The website attracts local sellers who are ready to grow fast, sell more, and give competitive offers and discounts to join Nardeals.com marketplace The website provides customers with a wide range of products and selective categories depend on the market demand. Our eCommerce marketplace is accessible to all people from all cities in Jordan and GCC countries and provides customers with hot marketing campaigns on regular basis.
Our Mission in NarDeal  
To be one of the top leaders of the eCommerce market.
Our Vision in NarDeal  
To establish the largest marketplace in Jordan and the region and build a trust relationship with our customers for a long time run.
E-commerce is the language of the times for merchants Nardeal brings together the best merchants in Jordan. Our merchants are complemented by many advantages, including our superior technology, reliable delivery service and payment facilities. This allows them to offer you the best products at the best prices, We help merchants reach the market on the most reliable platform Where we display the goods or products of each merchant separately, At Nardeal, we care about delivering the offered products in a way that draws the customer to make the purchase.
For Customers  
Usually, we have retailers, business relationship owners, or certified dealers who have gained credibility and customer loyalty through years of distinguished experience in building customer experience the traditional way. So as a buyer, you can be confident that you are buying our best products at the best prices
At Nardell, we strive to offer the best products that interest our customers To help them choose what suits them without the need to leave the house.
Why Choose Us? 
We are an e-commerce website that connects merchants (sellers) with customers (buyers) through the site The site provides a reliable and safe online shopping experience in addition to that we provide the best shopping experience to our customers, starting with great products, low price, ease of use, fast delivery and ending with the best customer service.