Your Account Security

Password Security 

We know how important your account’s security is to you. To protect your personal information on Nardeal.com, please make sure you create a unique password. Passwords on Nardeal.com must be at least 8 characters, including at least 1 lowercase, 1 uppercase, 1 number and 1 symbol and cannot exceed 100 characters. It’s a good practice to avoid common words or phrases when choosing your password. We also suggest that you keep your password confidential, as sharing your information can compromise the security of your Nardeal.com account.

Login Confirmation  

From time to time, Nardeal.com will ask you to confirm your login information as a basic security measure. If you’re using a trusted device, such as your home computer or personal phone, you can choose to “Avoid this confirmation in the future.” This will delay you from having to enter your information again on this device for 14 days, but please do not select this option if you share your computer with other people.  

Credit Card Account  

Your credit card account and information will be stored on a third party’s server, the payment process, your card verification, acceptance and reject processes will be from the payment provider NOT from the nardeal.com website.

Security Breach  

Nardea.com is considered a secure platform that provides all the security factors and protection of information. In the event of a security breach of the platform by a third party,  Future Auric Business Solutions FABs is not responsible for any violation by this breach.